Burning Syanthea

Session 3

  • Workshopped Beliefs

Vash is caught trying to plant an object on one of the Beggar King’s men. We left Vash in a rather precarious position after the first session. He had attempted to lift evidence off of the Beggar King’s man Guy, but was caught red-handed. We began here to bring Vash up to date with the characters. Vash elected to answer the allegations and abuse from Guy with steel. In a bloody-versus match in which Vash beginner’s lucked Knife, he managed to damn near remove Guy’s hand and gain a permanent enemy. Using the stolen object, Vash proves Guy’s disloyalty to the King to gain the Beggar King’s favor. The King responds by brutalizing Guy with a fork and casting him out of the Wyrms and agreeing to work with Vash.

Mason grills an apprentice cartwright for information. He’s sent to the wrong place. When we left Mason, he had just finished brutally beating then choking unconscious Alex, trying to get information on who exactly Alex had told about Sacchus. A decent circles role leads Mason to the apprentice who does not want to surrender information on Sacchus’s family to him. A failed beginner’s luck Torture test gets Mason the wrong address. After “dispatching” with the apprentice and sending Vash for the body, he proceeds to the address. The inhabitants point Mason towards the right side of town, but can do no better.

Saurus has a conversation with Gloria. Saurus, after swearing to Mason to keep the Sacchus situation silent, proceeds straight to Gloria to tell her what he knows. She was unaware of Sacchus’s…”passing”...but is relieved to hear of it. She enlists Saurus’s help, and draws a map to Sacchus’s house for Saurus.

Joe sells Sacchus’ name to an S&C accountant, then wanders off to a gambling hall. Steals a ledger from a bookie. Joe, putting together the fact that Sacchus’s name is a hot item and also that a leak is being sought, decides to sell Sacchus’s name as the leak to a Snake and Cross accountant. It took some hardcore finagling, but eventually he got the accountant to agree to pay for the name.

Vash finds Finch’s body, and takes Sacchus to the Necropolis to be burned. Vash comes across Alex Finch’s unconscious body being poked by a couple of City Guards. The guards ware itching to find out who beat him as it’s a crime in Syanthea. Vash manages to lie about where Finch lives and convinces the guards to let him take his “Master”, Finch, home to recover. Vash adds Finch to the body pile in his cart. He runs into Mason who directs him to the apprentice’s body and convinces Mason to, if Vash can find the leak, murder the leak and let Vash raid the body. He then collects the apprentice left by Mason, and goes to the Necropolis. He arranged to have all the bodies but Finch’s burnt, then gets tipped off to an anomaly in the ledger-One of Dempe’s men took an order with no information-a grave to be withheld, already paid for, with no more information. No purchase name, no name for to future interred. When Vash investigates the employee, he reluctantly gives her the purchaser’s name, Danik Singh. Unbeknown to Vash, Singh is the head of the Snake and Cross, making him Mason and Adder’s boss.

Mason & Saurus Find the mutilated corpse of Sacchus’ wife and one of his children. Went to talk to Adder about it. Mason runs into Saurus heading to Saccus’s house. Saurus doesn’t reveal to Mason where he’s heading, and Mason fails horribly at following inconspicuously. Sarus and Mason find a locked door at Sacchus’s house, and Mason manages to kick it open before being caught by the guards. Inside, the two find a murdered Mrs Sacchus and little Sacchus. One child appears to be missing, and the letter bearing news of the murdered Sacchus has been opened. The bodies have been sitting for at least a couple of days and someone has written a message in blood on the wall, “Death to Traitors!”. Saurus uses his guts-wise to determine that the heart and liver of Mrs Sacchus are missing entirely. They burn the house to the ground and go to speak to Adder.

Joe moves forward with his grifts. Joe counterfeits a police report of Sacchus giving information on the Snake and Cross to the officials and tries to sell it to a Snake and Cross member, who recognizes it as a fake. Playing along, he lets Joe hang on to the report with the promise to send him to someone who’d be interested in the info. He sends Joe to Adder, and notifies Adder ahead of time that the report is a fake.

Meeting with Adder Mason and Saurus are the first to show. They discuss the fact that word on Sacchus has gotten out and around. Joe arrives with his false police report, the near perfection of impresses Adder who think there might be a use for Joe. Adder begins to think that Sacchus could be made to look like a rat instead of a Martyr given the turn of events. Vash arrives looking to talk to Mason, but Adder refuses to grant them privacy for the conversation. Vash’s question then, instead of info on Danik Singh, gets edited to “How do you make Blueberry Muffins?”. Saurus, being the wise one, replies “With Care”. No, this is not code for anything. About that time, Saurus smells fire as people begin attempting to burn the meeting place down and block the door to prevent escape. Saurus and Joe sneak out the back door into the alley. Saurus manages to flee the attackers while Joe perfects the art of ‘Not Being Seen’. Out front, Mason kicks down the door before it can be barricaded and the arsonists flee. He sends Vash to a safe house with Adder in the body cart with the still unconscious Alex and proceeds to pursue one of the attackers. He fails at catching up before the attacker makes it to a busy road, then settles for tailing him. When Vash arrives at the safe house Mason directed him to, he’s met with armed men. Being just the bumbling old body collector, he ambles off to the cemetery to hide Adder. Joe is accompanying Vash and the hidden Alex and Adder.

Saurus finds a new trail to follow Saurus winds up in the market and is attracted to a certain piece of jewelry. His Touch of Ages skill allows him to discover that the necklace is about 300 years old and was given as a coming-of age present to royalty, gleaning the name “Tremond” from the piece. The merchant informs Saurus that the lineage is still around, then packs up shop before the guards catch him.

Mason’s On a Boat Mason follows the attacker to a rowboat and friend waiting to whisk him away. Mason misses a crossbow shot at the rower, and winds up having to swim after the boat. The rower makes a mistake when trying to hit Mason with a paddle, and as a result gets a chest full of stab. Once Mason gets in the boat, a failed intimidation attempts leads to a Fight! in a boat. Mason beats the attacker until he swoons, then paddles off to wait for him to awake to get some questions answered.

Vash hides Adder and Alex Vash takes Adder and Alex to the tomb Danik Singh had pre-purchased. Inside, they find a shriveled heart and liver, which Vash pockets before convincing Adder to stay in the tomb. Adder sends Vash and Joe to get Gloria’s help, leaving Adder and Alex alone in the tomb.

Coming Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Mason has one dead body and one bleeding, unconscious body whom he plans to question.

Saurus has the scent of the Tremend house, after an encounter with a necklace.

Vash and Joe are on their way to Gloria, to enlist her help in safely hiding Adder.

Alex is unconscious and will awaken next session locked in a tomb with Adder.

See you all next week!


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