Burning Syanthea

Session 4-The Fall of Adder

PC’s Present: Finch Mason Joe Saurus Vash

Finch wakes up in a tomb with Adder Upon awaking, Finch blames Adder for the attack by Mason, implying that Adder had sent Mason intentionally. As payback, he demands more money of Adder to retain Finch’s services. Instead of agreeing to pay more, Adder says he’ll take it up with Mason and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Mason is still on a boat Through creative interrogation techniques (read-breaking dude’s arms), Mason discovers that Danek Singh had set the attackers on Adder. After killing the second guy on the boat, Mason leaves both bodies for Vash on his boat and goes to find Adder in the safe house he had instructed Vash to go to.

Vash and Joe go to see Gloria As per Adder’s instructions, Vash and Joe go to Gloria Cosmet’s manor looking to gain an audience. Vash, being ever the diplomat, fails to gain entrance to the house. As Joe sneaks around back carrying a “package” Vash attempts to create a distraction. Both fail, and the staff backs them out of the house while the guards are on their way.

Saurus is on a…bridge Saurus takes a minute to contemplate the issues of Monarchies versus the current guild system. He arrives at the conclusion that life was, and would be again, better under the rule of the Tremond Monarchy. Saurus decided the monarchy should rule again and decided to make it happen.

Finch goes to find the apprentice Not finding the apprentice at work, Finch dresses up as an apprentice himself and goes to seek the apprentice at home. Upon arriving, someone peeks out from the curtains but refuses to open the door. Finch attempts beating the door down to the dismay of one very large neighbor who’s not use to being told no. They escape conflict, but both promise more to each other. Conflict, that is.

Mason goes to the (un)Safe house Suspecting nothing wrong on the outside, Mason proceed inside the house he sent Adder to. He’s met by two armed men who very much don’t want to see Mason. Stepping out of the story for a sec-In Burning Wheel, it’s very hard usually to kill characters. Shaun has somehow managed to kill Kristin’s character in both of the BW games by lucky flukes when rolling dice. Only being the fourth session of the game and not having anything going worth dying for, Kristin enacted what we’ll call the “Oh Shit” rule to save Mason for later sessions. Essentially, Kristin spent 1 pt persona to not have Mason die, and in exchange came up with a way to proper fuck Mason. We agreed to have Mason be captured by Danek Singh’s men, a fitting punishment for the PC gunning to kill Singh.

Vash & Joe step in deep shit Vash and Joe have been backed out of the house and the gate’s been closed, blocking their escape. The city guard comes for them as Gloria and Saurus come down the steps of the house together. Saurus lets the two try to explain themselves for a bit. Joe is trying to cover for the two of them, when Vash blurts out Adder’s name. The guards are them more interested, and Saurus continues to let them squirm. Eventually, Joe convinces everyone it was just a big misunderstanding and gets the guards to leave. After delivering Adder’s message to Gloria, the four of them decide that Adder’s usefulness has come to an end and his removal is necessary. Finch is chosen as the right man to commit the deed and take over for Adder.

Joe Fails. On the way to find Finch, Joe attempts to start the rumor that Saurus and Gloria are an item, and fails miserably.

Finch reunites with his sister Finch, still seeking information about the leak, goes to see his sister. Finch has been believed dead for ten years, and his sister had known about the attempt that supposedly ended his life…before it happened. To get information on the leak he threatens her with extortion (opening the skill)but doesn’t make the roll. In return, she assures Finch that if he sells her out, she’ll tell all of his debtors that he’s alive. She tells him that all she knows is that the City Guard has been working to infiltrate the Snake and Cross. She also suggests that he attempt to seize the river guilds to build a monopoly with her guild, the merchant guild.

At least we agree on something Joe, Vash and Saurus find Finch as he’s climbing back over the wall of his sister’s house. They speak about Gloria’s proposition, and he agrees to it.

Mason’s Fucked Mason wakes up in a deep cistern as the metal grate gets drug across the top. Looking up reveals Singh leaning over the edge. They discuss the issue with Adder and his grab for power against Singh. Singh and Mason both agree that Singh is in a much better position to advance Mason then Adder is. They agree that, should Mason see to Adder’s end, there’d be a position opening that Mason would fill very well. They shake in blood, and Mason goes to find Adder.

Saurus Finds a Lore keeper Saurus goes looking for information on the rock that gave him his power. He finds a lore keeper but (due to a failed circles roll) it’s someone he’s had a major disagreement with in the past. The disagreement about a past battle between two opposing sides instantly reignites, and the go into a DoW, with Randy’s desired result is getting information on how he got his power. Saurus does come out on top, although is forced to admit that the losing side did have one of the best generals this world’s ever seen. The lore keeper tells Saurus of the mythical rock that scarred Saurus’s arm and granted him the Touch of Ages.

Vash sells out Adder Vash seeks out the head of the city guard unit that confronted him at Gloria’s home. For a fee (the resource check of which the lieutenant fails and dips into the station’s operating fund) Vash sells the information that Adder is being hidden at the vault on the cemetery island. The guard sets out to capture Adder.

Finch visits Gloria During the visit, Gloria agrees to pay Finch what Adder promised him if Finch will kill Adder.

The Fall of Adder Mason makes it to Adder in advance of the City Guard and of Finch. Mason asks Adder to prove that, if he is allowed to live, he has the resources and power to take over in place of Singh. Adder, unable to prove this, panics and runs. Mason gets a crossbow shot off and into Adder’s back. Finch finishes Adder with a knife to his face. Mason proceeds to cut Adder’s head off as proof to Singh that the deed is done, but can’t finish before being spotted by the converging city guard. Finch, however, successfully slips the guards. Joe, who had been watching the happenings, disguises as a cemetery worker and gets off the island. Vash, who can’t pass up a body, convinces the guard he’s a worker and goes through Adder’s pockets before Hildebrant takes the body. Mason tries to flee and gets taken down by two guards and arrested.

Is that…was that a cliffhanger? Before the credits are ran, be get a shot of a message runner leading a reluctant 4-year old girl by the hand to the courthouse. This is Sachuss’s daughter, and we get to hear the messenger assuring her “they are the only people that can help find who did that to your parents”


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