Burning Syanthea

Session 5

Plots are afoot

PC’s Present: Mason Saurus Finch

Mason has no use for jail Mason tells a guard after a couple of days that he’ll rat to get out of jail and asks to speak to Iosef. The guard’s an easy sell, but because of a failed falsehood roll, another imprisoned member of the Snake and Cross overhears Mason’s offer and takes it as truth.

Finch visits Gloria over Adder Saurus is already with Gloria, organizing her books by color. Finch informs her that Adder is dead, and that he dealt the blow. This is confirmed by Saurus. They proceed to discuss who should fill the position within the Snake & Cross left by Adder. Saurus nominates Finch and Mason, and they settle on Mason as he’d be easy to control and most likely to work with Gloria. Gloria writes a letter to Mason to convince him (6 on an ob5) to work for her, promising him the position with her Adder use to hold, and a…little more. Saurus informs her Mason is in jail and he will deliver the letter straight away.

Mason has a chat with Iosef Mason attempts to cut a deal with Iosef to get out of jail. Iosef is a hard sale, but eventually Mason convinces him that no other informant or spy could deliver Singh to the City Guard quite as quickly or efficiently as Mason could. Iosef agrees, but forces Mason to make his mark on an agreement, threatening that if Mason does not comply with the guard, it will get out and around that he’s a rat.

Finch finds the leak taking a leak Finch, through a successful circles roll, manages to just straight-up find the leak. They discuss how they’d both like to keep him alive, and Finch gives him an address to meet at tonight.

Singh looks for the leak Singh tries to utilize his rumor-wise to discover the leak and fails.

Saurus ‘reads’ the book Using his Touch of Ages, Saurus “reads” the book on the Tremonds. He discerns that it was written towards the end of the ruling days of the Tremonds. He seeks out another intellectual to read him the actual text of the books, and the reader decribes the talk of death art contained within. The reader would like a copy of the text, but Saurus refuses.

Mason visits Singh Mason tracks Singh to a bar with a blind mute bartender and a guy passed out on the bar. Mason tells him of the deal struck with Iosef, and how it could be used to take out Iosef and all their information on the Snake & Cross. For now, they agree to feed the guards false information. Singh, meanwhile, tasks Mason with the murder of a carpenter’s wife and children as the carpenter was causing problems and also to send a strong message. He instructs that it is to be messy, and wants Mason to bring the victim’s hearts and livers as proof. Singh then leaves, and the guy passed out gets up and follows. It smells less like dead things now though.

Finch and Saurus meet the leak Finch takes Saurus with him to meet the leak. The three of them discuss how the guilds are ruining the system, despite their different opinions on what the best solution would be. The leak, working for the City Guard, believes that law is the only way, and the river guilds flaunt everything that is bad. Finch and Saurus are of the opinion that the leak should not discuss issues with the people he reports to for a while, for his own safety, and just let them deliver Singh. They would then unite the river guilds and take them all down at once. The leak, as it is his job and the lawful way to keep reporting wants to do just that and still have Finch and Saurus bring in Singh. Finch, through a DoW, convinces the leak to try it their way for a while. Mason shows up as the leak is leaving, and has Saurus advise him as to where the liver is and how to identify it.

Mason finds a carpenter Not knowing where the carpenter that angered Singh lives, Mason finds a shop open late and nabs an apprentice. He intimidates him into telling where Adam the carpenter lives, then promises to kill the kid’s family if he speaks a word of the encounter to anyone. Discovering Adam still inside his home, he decides to wait until he leaves for work. Meanwhile, he decides to visit Gloria.

Finch and Saurus go back to Glori(a) The two inform her that they have located the leak. They assure her they’ve temporarily quieted him, and discuss removing Singh with her. She is hesitant to make such a leap by herself, and tells the two that she’ll take it to the council and get their decision on the matter.

Mason crashes the party Mason arrives at Glorias and finds Saurus and Finch still present. He presses Gloria to discuss their relationship and she discusses the business aspect of it all. When he confronts her in private, she maintained that Adder and herself maintained a purely business arrangement. To get out of the situation, she lies to Mason that there may be a possibility of more later and keeps him on the hook and working for her.

Finch visits his sister After sneaking into her personal chambers, he brings up the drama with Singh. He speaks to her of removing Singh from office by letting the Guard take him. Finch then proposes that he would step into Singh’s position and unite all of the river guilds. He informs her that her support from the Merchant’s Guild of the River Guilds would be needed, and she tells him one thing at a time, encouraging him to pursue Singh’s take-down.

Mason is a bad person Mason sits a vigil outside the carpenter’s house until the carpenter leaves for work. He dispatches of the cook and maid, then locks the house to kill the rest of the family. Mason chokes out the wife downstairs, then lures the 4-year old son of the carpenter close by feigning interest in the toy duck on a string his dad had carved for him. When the boy is close enough, Mason quickly slits his throat. He finds the 7-year old daughter in the play room, and takes advantage of her shock to kill her. He positions the wife to appear violated, and steals her heart and liver. He takes the organs of the children as well, leaving the rest of their innards about the rooms. He then takes clean clothes, washes up, and leaves.

Saurus looks for a young Tremond He happens to find out that the son of High Justice Tremond is, unfortunately, the right-hand man to the leader of the death cult. Saurus shows Ageis the book. Ageis wants to introduce Saurus to the leader who’s seen the stone that Saurus touched, but Saurus leaves instead.

Finch goes to see his girl Jessa She is initially upset with Finch for only coming around when he wants information, so he agrees to take her out to dinner that night. She informs him about the only capture in the Adder’s death fiasco was released after agreeing to work as a rat for the cops. Finch tells Jessa that Singh might be coming through the legal system soon, and that if she can prosecute him, the case would make her career. She puts in the paperwork to get transferred to prosecution and out of defense. Finch then tries to convince her to have sex with him in the closet they’re in, and she crushes that with a “not before we’re married”.

Mason reports to Singh, then spills blood Mason hands over the organs, then has Singh explain the power of fear when you kill the family instead of the wrong-doer. They discuss bringing the river guilds in the Snake and Cross, and Singh tells Mason it’s Mason’s job, then leaves with the organs. Mason goes back to visit Gloria and encounters Ian first. They exchange verbal blows, then real blows. Ian gets a slight hit with his mace in, then Mason all but removes Ian’s arm with a good blow, leave him potentially fatally wounded. Mason informs the house staff that Ian needs a doctor, then leaves.


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