Burning Syanthea

Session 6

Deathcults, Riots, and love, oh my!

Game day: 10/03/09

Characters Present: Vash Mason Joe Saurus Finch

Joe checks with people in the know. Joe, using his rumor-wise, tries to discover that Mason agreed to rat on Singh’s activities to Iosef and the City Guard. He fails, and discovers nothing.

5:13 PM Shaun has to pee.

Bleedin’ Ian After being brutally mangled by Mason, Ian seeks medical attention. Both the doctor and Ian are successful, and Ian will make a full recovery. In about 6 months.

Saurus seeks the knowledge of the book He seeks an old friend who would know the language of the book and would be able to teach Saurus. Unfortunately, the acquaintance Saurus seeks has seen the way of the Law and the truth of the judges. He has assumed more law-abiding employment. Saurus treks outside of town to meet the friend’s entourage on their way back to Syanthea. He attempts to hail the group and halt them, but fails to do so. Saurus then treks back into town. In the rain.

Joe works on his grifts Joe has been feeding tips to a gambler on which way to bet in the dog fights, and has had a run of hits. Now that he’s gained the gambler’s confidence, he offers him a golden tip at the cost of 1 cash die. He is successful, and the gambler pays for the information.

Singh sets Mason to task Singh tells Mason that he needs Mason to convince the head of the mortician’s guild, Dempe, to cooperate with Singh. He won’t tell Mason what ‘cooperating’ entails, but promises reward upon success. Mason asks Vash to introduce him and Dempe. Vash agrees to do so, but for a price. In exchange for backing to be head of the Morticians guild, Vash sells Mason Dempe’s name as the leak within the Snake and Cross.

Finch buys a ring Finch, apparently suffering from a major case of blue balls, decides to buy Jessa a ring in the hopes that once they are engaged, she’ll sleep with him. He purchases the ring, and gets a new suit for the proposal. At the fancy dinner he promised her, he asks for her hand in marriage and she says yes. Armed with their engagement, Finch again tries to seduce Jessa. She refuses, saying that although she wants to, it’s forbidden by law.

Mason and Vash go to Dempe Mason brings up Singh’s needed cooperation and Dempe instantly refuses. He also refuses to go see Singh with Mason and insists on attending to the body he’s working on. Vash and Mason, conspiring outside, decide that they cannot leave without Dempe. Mason sneaks back in and chokes Dempe unconscious, wraps him in the sheet that was around the dead body. They put him in Vash’s cart and proceed to take him to Singh.

Saurus seeks an audience with Adrianne Tremond. Saurus finds Aegis of the deathcult at his house. Aegis invites Saurus in, and Saurus asks to be put in contact with Tremond. Aegis tells Saurus how difficult arranging the meeting would be as it would require the Cult Master’s permission for Tremond to speak with Saurus. However, if Saurus would attend the cult’s next new moon meeting, he could get an audience with Tremond. Saurus fails to convince Aegis to set up the meeting without the master’s permission, and Aegis sets up the meeting-for the cult’s next meeting, a fact that Saurus is blissfully aware of.

The guilds need to fall. Saurus finds some leftovers at an outside table of a restaurant, sits down and begins nomming. This is where Joe finds him. They discuss the judge system, and how best to bring it to ruin. They talk like they are on the same page, but their ideal governments for reinstatement are completely different. They settle on rioting to bring the judges reign to an end, and set out to find an insurrectionist to lead the mob to riot. They find Russel Ingnatz, a working man tired of being oppressed by…the man. He successfully riles the commoners and they march on the High Justice’s court. The march is successful, with no serious injuries or deaths, and the arrest of a few rioters (including Russel).

Mason takes advantage Using the riot and the city guard’s preoccupation to his advantage, Mason sneaks into Iosef Hildebrant’s office. He collects all of the parchments and documents in Iosef’s office and throws them out in the rain to be destroyed. He manages to sneak back out without being caught, successfully destroying all info on the Snake & Cross, along with his own agreement to give information to Iosef.

Finch visits his sister Finch looks to gain favor on the masked council. He wants her support to move on his plan to kill Singh, and her support of the river guilds as they unite and go for a seat on the masked council. In exchange for her support, he offers her an exclusive deal between the merchant guild and the Snake and Cross. She agrees to support him.

Vash: Taking care of business. After giving Dempe to Singh as the leak, Singh informs Mason and Vash that he needs Dempe alive until the next new moon. Vash takes Dempe to a crypt in the cemetery and goes to see Gloria. Vash offer to trade the leak’s name for the shipping guild’s support in his rise to power (in the mortician’s guild). She agrees, and he gives her the handkerchief of hers that he’d lifted from Adder’s body as a sign of good will. He also feeds her Dempe’s name as the leak.

Joe, joe, joe… Joe attempts to bribe the city guards to let Russel out of jail, and does so successfully.

Mason and Saurus push kids around Mason and Saurus go to assimilate the kids who have organized as “The Order of the 7 Bells”, a band of pickpockets. Their leader, Chazwick, is hesitant to join as he’s afraid of how much he’d have to pay upwards in the Snake & Cross. They haggle, Saurus doing so by throwing Chazwick’s “guards” into the river. A successful intimidation by Mason gets Chazwick to agree to paying 10% up to the Snake and Cross. Saurus fishes the kids he threw in the river back out.

Gloria speaks to the masked council Gloria makes a case for the River guilds to officially be recognized and grant them a seat on the masked council. She fails her persuasion roll. As a result, the rivers still gain their seat on the council but someone hates her now as a result. She gets a unanimous vote to support the killing of Singh. She also nominates Vash to become the new head of the Morticians guild.

Singh prepares to reward Mason Singh tells Mason that he’ll induct him “to the mysteries” as a reward for…essentially, being a good bitch thug, and tells Mason that he’ll go far if he plays his cards right. Mason goes to fetch Dempe for this new-moon meeting.

Finch visits the Bruisers Finch seeks out another river guild, the Bruisers. He attempts to convince them to join the rest of the rivers under the Snake and Cross, and succeeds.

Saurus goes to a meeting Saurus goes to meet Tremond, but he is accompanied by Fharod. Aegis leads him away and into the mass. Singh, Vash, Mason and Dempe all arrive at the meeting.

Singh rewards Mason Singh attempts to induct Mason into the death cult. Mason hesitates at pledging his allegiance to Singh and the deathcult. They decide that proof of their powers are necessary, and kill Dempe. Fharod then reanimates Dempe’s corpse, causing Mason, Vash and Saurus to fail steel checks. Vash and Mason stand and drool while Saurus runs screaming into the woods. Saurus then tries to find his way back to town, only succeeding in getting himself more lost then before.

Joe causes trouble Joe, with Russel now out of jail, incites another riot. He also hires Snake and Cross members to stab city guards during the riot.

Mason “joins” the deathcult Mason agrees to join the brotherhood and eats the 4-yr-old’s heart. Vash joins a lot more earnestly then Mason and eats the 7-yr-old’s heart. Fharod then riles the crowd with talk of taking over the city.

Joe convinces rioters to stab guards. Joe attempts to convince Russel to get the rioters to stab the city guard as they riot. He DoW’s with Russel and wins but with major concessions. The concession is that the city guards are slaughtered, but afterward Russel looses his taste for revolution.

Mason attempts to kill Singh Mason walks Singh home alone after the meeting and uses the opportunity to try to kill Singh out of distaste for the deathcult. He manages to spot Vash before he even draws his knife and aborts the murder. Mason tries to get Vash to leave, but abandons his hopes of murdering Singh when Vash refuses.


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