Burning Syanthea

Session 7

Power Move

Date of Game: 10/17/09 PC’s Present: Mason Joe Finch

A couple days after the new-moon

Mason goes to visit the Black Thorn guild Trying to further unite the river guilds, Mason seeks out the leader of the Black Thorn guild, the guild responsible for most of the drug trade in Syanthea. Unfortunately, the leader happens to have once had a brother…that Mason killed. A DoW ensues as Mason tries to convince the leader to leave the past behind and join the Snake & Cross and the leader of the BT Guild wanting Mason to grovel and beg forgiveness for killing the brother. Mason miraculously emerges unscathed from the DoW and gains the Black Thorn as the newest Snake and Cross division, paying 10% up to Mason in the meantime.

Finch finds Joe Finch asks Joe to spread a rumor for him. Finch wants the word out that, although the other guilds may have been infiltrated by leaks, the Snake and Cross remains untainted. Joe managed to get the word out that the Snake and Cross is secure. He also tries to pass around the rumor that, as the judges are debating declaring martial law, they will begin to seize personal and guild assets. He is attempting to set up a grift through this lie, but fails at his objective. Instead of looking to hide their assets, guild members begin to hire more guards to protect their stuff.

Joe and Finch seek out Doc Chuck Further uniting the river guilds under one name, Joe and Finch seek out the leader of the whoremonger guild, Doc Chuck. They attempt to convince him to join the Snake & Cross, and succeed by telling him that they’ve bribed a judge. The whoremonger guild is now incorporated into the Snake & Cross.

Mason kills some more After sneaking into Singh’s tenement building without being seen, Mason quietly battles Singh’s zombie body guard, eventually beheading him. Mason then kills Singh as he sleeps, dismembers him and dumps him piece by piece in the river, leaving no evidence of Singh’s murder.

Joe looks to cheat some more people Joe uses his sources to seek out a house with owners that have been vacationing for a while. He then decides to rent the empty house out to someone else.

Mason Visits Gloria Mason takes time to stop by Gloria’s office and give her an update on Snake and Cross business. He tells her about the consolidation of the river guilds, Singh’s disappearance and the deathcult. She doesn’t believe Mason when it comes to the cult, but he persists until she agrees that, if he’s right, she’ll give him her resources to take down the cult.

Finch visits Jessa Finch goes to see his fiance and finds Iosef in her office. He’s telling Jessa that their orders are to work on quelling the unrest, and to drop the Singh trail. Prosecuting Singh was going to be Jessa’s breakthrough case, so she’s very reluctant to do so. Iosef tells Finch to piss it, so Finch drops a hint that he knows who’s behind the insurrection and leaves. Iosef chases him down and demands to know what Finch knows. Finch doesn’t give Iosef a name, but tells him that “Singh’s Assistant” is to blame, basically pinning the riots on Mason. Iosef then unsuccessfully tries to track down someone close to Mason and fails. Mason also fails at detecting Iosef’s search for someone near him. He does, however, catch wind that someone in the cartwright’s guild is looking for him, something about fires.

Joe tries to steal some more Joe also fails at detecting Iosef’s search for Mason. Instead, he focuses upon stealing from another Cartwright with more gold then sense. He finds one, and they set up a meeting in the Cartwright’s tavern. Unfortunately, the new mark is sitting with one of Joe’s old marks when Finch and Joe arrive at the guarded tavern.

Mason makes a move in the Snake & Cross Mason calls a meeting between him and the three other contenders for Singh’s vacant position as master of the River Guild, Jacob, Fredrich and Charlie. Charlie mouths off, and eventually Mason gets a one-punch knock out on Charlie. Jacob and Fred concede the seat to Mason despite their concerns that Mason himself killed Singh (Mason doesn’t claim nor deny this). Mason orders his new underlings to start pushing the opiates and at lower prices, then divides Charlie’s claims between Jacob and Fred.

Mason makes a move…on Gloria Mason, armed with the new position of Master of the River Guild, goes to attempt to seduce Gloria. He succeeds in sleeping with her but (due to a failed beginner’s luck seduction attempt) they are interrupted in the middle of their fun by the Head of the Shipper’s Guild, Marco. Marco is the closest thing to royalty in Syanthea, but that doesn’t stop an ignorant Mason from brandishing a knife and his…bits at Marco. Gloria’s in deep shit with her boss, and Mason blames the seduction on her and then leaves.

Unrest in the Streets On his way home, Mason sees groups of city guards being slaughtered by guild guards. The guilds have finally decided to push back again the oppressive guard forces.


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