Burning Syanthea

Session 8

Party? What party? Oh-you thought we liked each other?

Game date: 11/8/09 PC’s present: Finch, Joe, Saurus and Mason

Over the past week in Syanthea, things have taken a turn. Whether for the better or not depends on where you stand. The largest guild in the city, the Shipping guild, has essentially hired an army. Marco Calame, the head of the shipping guild that we met last session as Mason was making the two headed beast with Marco’s employee Gloria, basically hired enough fighters, mercenaries and private guards to form a small army. They successfully managed to neutralize the city guard and seize control of Syanthea. About this time, Saurus finds his way out of the woods.

Surprise, Saurus! Saurus finds himself, after a week being lost in the woods having run screaming from the death cult, facing closed and guarded city gates. The new guard regime informs him that Marco Calame has ordered the gates closed with no access in or out. Failing to talk his way through, he convinces the guard to send a runner to Gloria Cosmet for her permission to grant Saurus access, on Gloria’s dime. Once in the city, he is met with an overwhelming presence of the new guard, as well as the old guard strung up on various display throughout the city. He meets up with Finch and Joe and begins trying to understand what’s happened to the city. Joe insults Jessa, which prompts Finch to fling a knife and Joe, which he parrys easily. Joe, failing rumor wise, passes on the rumor that Singh is still alive and just operating through Mason.

Mason takes command Mason gathers the heads of the various River Guilds together, now united under the Snake and Cross. He persuades them to follow his orders, raising prices and pushing opiates. However the rumor begins to spread that Mason may not be the right man for the job of leading the rivers.

Saurus and Joe Stir the Pot Saurus and Joe seek out a prominent member of the cartwright’s guild in an attempt to spur them to action. They suggest going head to head with the shipper’s guild as if they don’t, Marco will eliminate the need for their guild. The two suggest cutting off food carts to create a food shortage, as well as possible engaging in piracy and arson. The cartwright member agrees, and one of Marco’s ships is burnt to the ground.

Finch goes to see Jessa When Finch arrives to see Jessa, she has a request for him. Although she doesn’t like the idea of making agreements with scum, she asks Finch to set up a meeting between a representative of the Snake and Cross and Iosef Hildebrant, head inquirer for the City Guard. The intention is to use the Snake & Cross to help the City Guard regain the city. In exchange for their help, the Snake & Cross will be granted immunity until the city is back under control. He promises her the head of the snake & cross for the meeting, and leaves. (PS-Finch thinks he’s head of the Snake & Cross)

Saurus Seeks a Thinker Tormented by his gift, Saurus sets out to determine if his touch is a gift or a curse. Instead of finding someone to talk, he comes across a doomsayer in the town square, speaking of the end of times. He emphasizes his point by waving his staff at Saurus who, of course, has to use his touch on it. He gets a vision of blood, fire, and death, as the dead reach out to him for help. They are chained at the ankle, and as they appeal for Saurus’s assistance they get pulled by the chain back into the darkness. Again, Saurus runs screaming. He is now convinced his touch is a curse that he must rid himself of.

Joe Takes Advantage of the City Knowing that a food shortage is coming, Joe attempts to buy a large enough amount of food to sell it for record profits when the city runs out. Being taxed and having 1 cash die, he fails to haggle to a price he could pay.

Mason attempts to bargain for the Rivers Trying to ensure that the newly recognized river guild will have a place in the city despite the change in leadership, Mason goes to visit Marco. He finds him at the docks, shouting orders to determine who exactly burned their ship down. Mason attempts to start a conversation about the shippers coming to terms with the rivers, and essentially Marco’s need for the river’s offerings. Marco instead confirms Mason and the River’s fear that Marco finds them replaceable and that Marco intends to establish a monopoly in the city. Mason compliments Marco on his ship, and Marco attempts, and fails, to grab him as Mason turns to leave.

Mason Likes to Kill Attempting to make a point, Mason calls together his River guild cutthroats and mercenaries. They wait until night fall and wholesale slaughter Marco’s makeshift army, leaving their cooling bodies piled around the fountain in the city square.

Finch does work for his woman Finch seeks out Mason, and tells him a little of Iosef’s proposition. Mason agrees, and the meeting is set. Mason isn’t happy with just temporary immunity as it basically says “We won’t arrest you for working for us” and does nothing for the Rivers long term. He DoW’s Iosef for better terms, and gets the Inquirer to agree to drug legalization once the City Guard is restored.

Finch tries to wrestle River power Finch and Joe arrange a meeting with 3 leaders from the Snake and Cross. When they meet in an abandoned warehouse, they play off the rumors of Mason’s weakness to persuade his followers to leave him and follow their made-up, unseen leader, “The Upright Man”. One of the people Mason contested for head of the Snake & Cross, Jacob, defended Mason as the “Murderer we know, opposed to the murderer we don’t” and said they’d stay with current leadership. As they go to leave, Jacob informs Finch that Mason will be told about his attempt. To silence him, Finch stabs and kills Jacob. The other Snake and Cross members leave.

Saurus pursues Adriane Still convinced that the young death cult member needs to assume his “rightful seat as ruler of this city”, Saurus finally gets a chance to talk to Adriane Tremond alone. In an attempt to make him leave the cult and go after the monarchy of Syanthea through a DoW, Saurus inadvertently gets convinced by Adriane to join the death cult. In almost a Pascal’s wager situation, Saurus believes ‘If I join them, they won’t come for me first’.

Joe kinda gets his way…in a way Joe comes across the newly death-cult initiated Saurus. He renews his attempts to get Saurus to see the light of a demarchy form of government. Saurus goes off about how none of it matter, so you might as well allow dogs to run the city. He sarcastically brings up picking rulers by lottery (a demarchy) so Joe acts interested and nudges Saurus that direction, telling him it’s a brilliant idea.

Mason seeks a killer Looking to hand out fresh orders, Mason tries to track down his second in command, Jacob. Finding Jacob’s man and no Jacob, they head out to find him and come across his body instead. After a failed circles roll to find the killer, Mason finds Saurus. He explains to Saurus that he wants him to take the River’s seat on the masked council, but first he needs Saurus to touch the body. Saurus only gets 5 faces instead of names, two of which belong to Finch and Joe and the other three he confirms are River members. Saurus then leaves. Mason gathers his leaders and intimidates (using his last deeds point to do so) the information out of them, and gets Finch’s name as the killer. Mason sets his men out to destroy Marco’s army.


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