Burning Syanthea

Session 9

The Fall of Marco, The Rise of Zombies

PC’s Present: Alex Finch, Saurus, Mason

Mason tries to get revenge and fails. Miserably. Mason makes an attempt to circle up one of his ‘employees’, a River Guild member who could track down information about Finch’s personal life, for just killing Finch wouldn’t be enough. Mason, instead of finding a willing assistant, gets a hold of someone who does not recognize Mason’s authority, in addition to believing that anyone who’s foolish enough to work for Mason will end up dead. He attempts to leave and Mason follows him out onto the street. As he’s leaving, he insults Mason and refuses to come back. He tries to run, and Mason crossbows him in the back. Mason announces (more to the streets then the dying man) that he has no time for someone who won’t take orders, then leaves the man bleeding to death on the street.

Saurus looks for a rock dealer Saurus searches for the cure for his curse, trying to seek out someone who would know of the stone that cursed him. Wandering the streets and markets, Saurus finds everything for sale but rocks.

Pharod Raises an army Finally, someone succeeds. Pharod goes to Necropolis and piles the bodies within the circle he creates. Although not particularly strong or intelligent, Pharod raises enough dumb, night-of-the-living-dead style zombies to combat Marco’s army.

Finch Gets a Letter A messenger arrives at Finch’s place with a message from Iosef, requesting a meeting. Iosef asks Finch to work with Jessa on his behalf. Iosef Is ready to take the city guards on the offensive but the heads of the city, the judges, are refusing. They maintain that holding their spot on the upper bank is enough, and that the insurrection will take care of itself. With Finch’s connection with Jessa, Iosef is convinced that if Finch can persuade Jessa, Jessa can persuade her father (one of the judges). Finch agrees, as the success of Iosef’s plan would benefit Jessa.

Finch drops hints like rappers drop g’s A plan of opportunity, Finch begins to discuss Singh’s disappearance with Iosef. Without actually knowing the truth Finch hits it on the head. Finch informs Iosef that it was, in fact, Mason that killed Singh and asks Iosef to go after him. Iosef tells Finch that he’ll arrest Mason but it is up to Finch to flush him out. Finch wins the DoW, and Iosef is now obligated to make a plan to arrest Mason despite the temporary immunity Mason’s been granted.

Mason…well, kills people. What did you expect? Mason gathers his men up and organizes another slaughter of Marco’s army, keeping his part of the deal with Iosef and the City Guard. Mason and his merry band of murderers successfully make a city-guard sized dent in Marco’s army, in addition to not being discovered doing so.

Saurus seeks out a cure Saurus seeks out someone with the knowledge and power to remove his curse. Again, he finds someone not happy to see him. The person he finds came to Saurus for knowledge and didn’t like the answers. The information Saurus gave the man by using his touch on the bed led to the man killing his wife. Saurus convinces him that he can raise the dead wife Lazarus style from the grave, but will only do it in exchange for his help curing the curse. Saurus sets out to find a death cult member to perform the resurrection.

Marco gets a little pissed Marco makes an attempt to root out whoever has been slaughtering his troops. He manages to capture a member of the River Guild. The river member spills, revealing to Marco that it was Mason and the Rivers that took it upon themselves to destroy Marco’s army.

Finch goes to Jessa on Behalf of Iosef Finch finds Jessa absolutely swamped with work, but she’s relieved to see him and suggests that they take a walk. Finch tries to convince her as they walk that the guard should be granted the freedom to go on the offensive against Marco’s army. Through a DoW, Finch fails and instead convinces Finch that the best offensive currently is sitting and waiting.

Mason Makes a Deal Mason goes to see Gloria, and drops hints throughout their conversation about Marco’s impending downfall, and warns Gloria to prepare for the power vacuum to follow. Essentially, Mason tells gloria that he plans to kill Marco and replace him with Gloria, in exchange for her help in ridding the city of the zombies that she doesn’t believe exist.

Saurus asks a Favor Adriane and Saurus meet, Saurus needing Adriane to raise a body for him. Adriane tells Saurus that he himself is unable to help Saurus, but the master can. As a caveat emptor, Adriane adds ‘Nothing for free’ as he leads Saurus to Pharod. Pharod welcomes Saurus and seems pleased to finally meet him. Pharod speaks to Saurus of sacrifice and asks what Saurus is willing to sacrifice in exchange for raising the body. They speak of knowledge and of the price of knowledge. Pharod eventually agrees to raise the body and they can figure out the cost later.

The Resurrection Pharod, in his vast wisdom, fails at resurrecting the body. Instead of the wife, Pharod raises a vampire (although no one knows). The vampire appears and acts as if it were the wife, and Saurus plans on taking her home to her husband.

Marco plays dirty Marco successfully manages to bribe the river guild member with gold. He convinces Mason’s man to be conveniently absent, along with all of his closest friends, when the Shipper’s army marches on the lower banks to eliminate the threat that is the river guilds.

Finch visits his sister Finch strikes a deal with his sister. In exchange for removing Marco from power, his sister agrees to lend her troops in an attempt to capture Mason and deliver him to Iosef.

Mason visits Iosef Mason informs Iosef that the time to fight is now, and instructs him to send his troops to fight Marco’s on the low banks. Mason and the rivers then meet the Shipper’s army as they come over the bridge to the low banks. The fight was pretty even until the remaining city guard flanked Marco’s army. They trapped the army on the bridge and forced them to fight there. Between the rivers and the city guard, Marco’s army was eliminated, leaving Marco no army and not enough power to hold the city or bully the other guilds.

Saurus takes the Sorcerer his Wife Still unaware that he has a vampire with him, Saurus returns to the Sorcerer’s house. The wife seems…hungry. The men discuss the next step in removing Saurus’s curse since Saurus did bring the wife back to life. Saurus lets slip that the end of the world is coming. The Sorcerer promises to discover how to remove Saurus’s gift curse of touch. The wife thanks Saurus and shakes his hand, giving Saurus a clear picture of the vampire’s hunger and her thirst for revenge against her husband. Saurus runs.

Gloria Seeks Saurus Gloria and Saurus discuss Mason’s new found guild power. Gloria asks Saurus to work on collaring Mason for her, to gain a little control over Mason especially with his new seat on the masked council. Saurus, having been given the seat by Mason, assures Gloria that the River Guild representative will work in the interests of the Shippers and not in the favor of Mason. He speaks to her of the same death cult Mason mentioned, then agrees to help control Mason.

Finch Joins the Conversation Finch joins Gloria and Saurus in Gloria’s office. He mentions their mutual problem, Mason. Saurus drops a hint about the murder of Jacob and ‘Of course Mason would be upset’, then drops the topic. Finch proposes handing Mason over to the guards, then drops his anonymous leader ‘The Upright Man’ as a candidate to replace Mason. Gloria is less then impressed, but agrees to keep the upright man on the back burner.

Mason seeks out Jessa Mason doesn’t quite know the right people in the right circles to find Jessa, and falls victim to the enmity clause. Instead of meeting a friendly party, Mason gets sent to a city guard, in a city guard tavern. The guard knows Mason, and is not a fan of Mason. They’ve arrested him before and consider him scum. The only way they’ll talk about Finch is if he gives up one of his men, Charlie. Charlie was the contender for the head of the River guild until Mason one punch KO’d him, and the guards will trade the information for Charlie. Mason tells them to go fuck themselves, and leaves.

Marco heads underground He tries to pack up as much stuff as is possible and go into hiding. For all his money and power though, Marco fails at hiding. He essentially checks into a hotel using his real name.

Mason receives the Masked Council garb The mask and robes for the masked council representative arrive and Mason seeks out Saurus, who is currently using a plank to cross building roofs. He reasons that Zombies can’t climb, so he’s safe on the roof. Mason, after getting him off the roof, tells Saurus to discuss Zombies at the meeting, as well as back Gloria for head of the shippers. Saurus avoids committing to either.

Masked Council Meeting Saurus gets the squeaky chair. Someone applauds Marco’s efforts in overthrowing the current ruling system despite Marco’s issues and glaring failure. When the question of who should rule the shippers arises, Saurus throws out Gloria. The Cartwright rep instead asks that the shippers guild be dismantled and their assets split up to parties hurt by the insurrection, namely the cartwrights. He DoW’s Saurus and fails miserably and Gloria is made head of the Shipper’s guild. Saurus brings up Zombies, and gets the council to agree that Zombies are dangerous.

Iosef has a conundrum Iosef knows that his deal with Mason precludes Mason’s arrest, but he also agreed with Finch to attempt to arrest Mason. He sucessfully begins to tail Mason around town.

Mason settles the score Oblivious of his tail, Mason goes to settle matters with Marco for good. He kicks down Marco’s door, which gives Marco enough time to bolt out the window. As Marco was trying to get away via rooftop, Mason releases a crossbow into his back. As he gasps for air, Mason kicks him off the roof and leaves. Iosef, seeing all of this, attempts to save a dying Marco and fails.

Players decide it is time for a resource cycle


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