Burning Syanthea

Session 9
The Fall of Marco, The Rise of Zombies

PC’s Present: Alex Finch, Saurus, Mason

Mason tries to get revenge and fails. Miserably. Mason makes an attempt to circle up one of his ‘employees’, a River Guild member who could track down information about Finch’s personal life, for just killing Finch wouldn’t be enough. Mason, instead of finding a willing assistant, gets a hold of someone who does not recognize Mason’s authority, in addition to believing that anyone who’s foolish enough to work for Mason will end up dead. He attempts to leave and Mason follows him out onto the street. As he’s leaving, he insults Mason and refuses to come back. He tries to run, and Mason crossbows him in the back. Mason announces (more to the streets then the dying man) that he has no time for someone who won’t take orders, then leaves the man bleeding to death on the street.

Saurus looks for a rock dealer Saurus searches for the cure for his curse, trying to seek out someone who would know of the stone that cursed him. Wandering the streets and markets, Saurus finds everything for sale but rocks.

Pharod Raises an army Finally, someone succeeds. Pharod goes to Necropolis and piles the bodies within the circle he creates. Although not particularly strong or intelligent, Pharod raises enough dumb, night-of-the-living-dead style zombies to combat Marco’s army.

Finch Gets a Letter A messenger arrives at Finch’s place with a message from Iosef, requesting a meeting. Iosef asks Finch to work with Jessa on his behalf. Iosef Is ready to take the city guards on the offensive but the heads of the city, the judges, are refusing. They maintain that holding their spot on the upper bank is enough, and that the insurrection will take care of itself. With Finch’s connection with Jessa, Iosef is convinced that if Finch can persuade Jessa, Jessa can persuade her father (one of the judges). Finch agrees, as the success of Iosef’s plan would benefit Jessa.

Finch drops hints like rappers drop g’s A plan of opportunity, Finch begins to discuss Singh’s disappearance with Iosef. Without actually knowing the truth Finch hits it on the head. Finch informs Iosef that it was, in fact, Mason that killed Singh and asks Iosef to go after him. Iosef tells Finch that he’ll arrest Mason but it is up to Finch to flush him out. Finch wins the DoW, and Iosef is now obligated to make a plan to arrest Mason despite the temporary immunity Mason’s been granted.

Mason…well, kills people. What did you expect? Mason gathers his men up and organizes another slaughter of Marco’s army, keeping his part of the deal with Iosef and the City Guard. Mason and his merry band of murderers successfully make a city-guard sized dent in Marco’s army, in addition to not being discovered doing so.

Saurus seeks out a cure Saurus seeks out someone with the knowledge and power to remove his curse. Again, he finds someone not happy to see him. The person he finds came to Saurus for knowledge and didn’t like the answers. The information Saurus gave the man by using his touch on the bed led to the man killing his wife. Saurus convinces him that he can raise the dead wife Lazarus style from the grave, but will only do it in exchange for his help curing the curse. Saurus sets out to find a death cult member to perform the resurrection.

Marco gets a little pissed Marco makes an attempt to root out whoever has been slaughtering his troops. He manages to capture a member of the River Guild. The river member spills, revealing to Marco that it was Mason and the Rivers that took it upon themselves to destroy Marco’s army.

Finch goes to Jessa on Behalf of Iosef Finch finds Jessa absolutely swamped with work, but she’s relieved to see him and suggests that they take a walk. Finch tries to convince her as they walk that the guard should be granted the freedom to go on the offensive against Marco’s army. Through a DoW, Finch fails and instead convinces Finch that the best offensive currently is sitting and waiting.

Mason Makes a Deal Mason goes to see Gloria, and drops hints throughout their conversation about Marco’s impending downfall, and warns Gloria to prepare for the power vacuum to follow. Essentially, Mason tells gloria that he plans to kill Marco and replace him with Gloria, in exchange for her help in ridding the city of the zombies that she doesn’t believe exist.

Saurus asks a Favor Adriane and Saurus meet, Saurus needing Adriane to raise a body for him. Adriane tells Saurus that he himself is unable to help Saurus, but the master can. As a caveat emptor, Adriane adds ‘Nothing for free’ as he leads Saurus to Pharod. Pharod welcomes Saurus and seems pleased to finally meet him. Pharod speaks to Saurus of sacrifice and asks what Saurus is willing to sacrifice in exchange for raising the body. They speak of knowledge and of the price of knowledge. Pharod eventually agrees to raise the body and they can figure out the cost later.

The Resurrection Pharod, in his vast wisdom, fails at resurrecting the body. Instead of the wife, Pharod raises a vampire (although no one knows). The vampire appears and acts as if it were the wife, and Saurus plans on taking her home to her husband.

Marco plays dirty Marco successfully manages to bribe the river guild member with gold. He convinces Mason’s man to be conveniently absent, along with all of his closest friends, when the Shipper’s army marches on the lower banks to eliminate the threat that is the river guilds.

Finch visits his sister Finch strikes a deal with his sister. In exchange for removing Marco from power, his sister agrees to lend her troops in an attempt to capture Mason and deliver him to Iosef.

Mason visits Iosef Mason informs Iosef that the time to fight is now, and instructs him to send his troops to fight Marco’s on the low banks. Mason and the rivers then meet the Shipper’s army as they come over the bridge to the low banks. The fight was pretty even until the remaining city guard flanked Marco’s army. They trapped the army on the bridge and forced them to fight there. Between the rivers and the city guard, Marco’s army was eliminated, leaving Marco no army and not enough power to hold the city or bully the other guilds.

Saurus takes the Sorcerer his Wife Still unaware that he has a vampire with him, Saurus returns to the Sorcerer’s house. The wife seems…hungry. The men discuss the next step in removing Saurus’s curse since Saurus did bring the wife back to life. Saurus lets slip that the end of the world is coming. The Sorcerer promises to discover how to remove Saurus’s gift curse of touch. The wife thanks Saurus and shakes his hand, giving Saurus a clear picture of the vampire’s hunger and her thirst for revenge against her husband. Saurus runs.

Gloria Seeks Saurus Gloria and Saurus discuss Mason’s new found guild power. Gloria asks Saurus to work on collaring Mason for her, to gain a little control over Mason especially with his new seat on the masked council. Saurus, having been given the seat by Mason, assures Gloria that the River Guild representative will work in the interests of the Shippers and not in the favor of Mason. He speaks to her of the same death cult Mason mentioned, then agrees to help control Mason.

Finch Joins the Conversation Finch joins Gloria and Saurus in Gloria’s office. He mentions their mutual problem, Mason. Saurus drops a hint about the murder of Jacob and ‘Of course Mason would be upset’, then drops the topic. Finch proposes handing Mason over to the guards, then drops his anonymous leader ‘The Upright Man’ as a candidate to replace Mason. Gloria is less then impressed, but agrees to keep the upright man on the back burner.

Mason seeks out Jessa Mason doesn’t quite know the right people in the right circles to find Jessa, and falls victim to the enmity clause. Instead of meeting a friendly party, Mason gets sent to a city guard, in a city guard tavern. The guard knows Mason, and is not a fan of Mason. They’ve arrested him before and consider him scum. The only way they’ll talk about Finch is if he gives up one of his men, Charlie. Charlie was the contender for the head of the River guild until Mason one punch KO’d him, and the guards will trade the information for Charlie. Mason tells them to go fuck themselves, and leaves.

Marco heads underground He tries to pack up as much stuff as is possible and go into hiding. For all his money and power though, Marco fails at hiding. He essentially checks into a hotel using his real name.

Mason receives the Masked Council garb The mask and robes for the masked council representative arrive and Mason seeks out Saurus, who is currently using a plank to cross building roofs. He reasons that Zombies can’t climb, so he’s safe on the roof. Mason, after getting him off the roof, tells Saurus to discuss Zombies at the meeting, as well as back Gloria for head of the shippers. Saurus avoids committing to either.

Masked Council Meeting Saurus gets the squeaky chair. Someone applauds Marco’s efforts in overthrowing the current ruling system despite Marco’s issues and glaring failure. When the question of who should rule the shippers arises, Saurus throws out Gloria. The Cartwright rep instead asks that the shippers guild be dismantled and their assets split up to parties hurt by the insurrection, namely the cartwrights. He DoW’s Saurus and fails miserably and Gloria is made head of the Shipper’s guild. Saurus brings up Zombies, and gets the council to agree that Zombies are dangerous.

Iosef has a conundrum Iosef knows that his deal with Mason precludes Mason’s arrest, but he also agreed with Finch to attempt to arrest Mason. He sucessfully begins to tail Mason around town.

Mason settles the score Oblivious of his tail, Mason goes to settle matters with Marco for good. He kicks down Marco’s door, which gives Marco enough time to bolt out the window. As Marco was trying to get away via rooftop, Mason releases a crossbow into his back. As he gasps for air, Mason kicks him off the roof and leaves. Iosef, seeing all of this, attempts to save a dying Marco and fails.

Players decide it is time for a resource cycle

Session 8
Party? What party? Oh-you thought we liked each other?

Game date: 11/8/09 PC’s present: Finch, Joe, Saurus and Mason

Over the past week in Syanthea, things have taken a turn. Whether for the better or not depends on where you stand. The largest guild in the city, the Shipping guild, has essentially hired an army. Marco Calame, the head of the shipping guild that we met last session as Mason was making the two headed beast with Marco’s employee Gloria, basically hired enough fighters, mercenaries and private guards to form a small army. They successfully managed to neutralize the city guard and seize control of Syanthea. About this time, Saurus finds his way out of the woods.

Surprise, Saurus! Saurus finds himself, after a week being lost in the woods having run screaming from the death cult, facing closed and guarded city gates. The new guard regime informs him that Marco Calame has ordered the gates closed with no access in or out. Failing to talk his way through, he convinces the guard to send a runner to Gloria Cosmet for her permission to grant Saurus access, on Gloria’s dime. Once in the city, he is met with an overwhelming presence of the new guard, as well as the old guard strung up on various display throughout the city. He meets up with Finch and Joe and begins trying to understand what’s happened to the city. Joe insults Jessa, which prompts Finch to fling a knife and Joe, which he parrys easily. Joe, failing rumor wise, passes on the rumor that Singh is still alive and just operating through Mason.

Mason takes command Mason gathers the heads of the various River Guilds together, now united under the Snake and Cross. He persuades them to follow his orders, raising prices and pushing opiates. However the rumor begins to spread that Mason may not be the right man for the job of leading the rivers.

Saurus and Joe Stir the Pot Saurus and Joe seek out a prominent member of the cartwright’s guild in an attempt to spur them to action. They suggest going head to head with the shipper’s guild as if they don’t, Marco will eliminate the need for their guild. The two suggest cutting off food carts to create a food shortage, as well as possible engaging in piracy and arson. The cartwright member agrees, and one of Marco’s ships is burnt to the ground.

Finch goes to see Jessa When Finch arrives to see Jessa, she has a request for him. Although she doesn’t like the idea of making agreements with scum, she asks Finch to set up a meeting between a representative of the Snake and Cross and Iosef Hildebrant, head inquirer for the City Guard. The intention is to use the Snake & Cross to help the City Guard regain the city. In exchange for their help, the Snake & Cross will be granted immunity until the city is back under control. He promises her the head of the snake & cross for the meeting, and leaves. (PS-Finch thinks he’s head of the Snake & Cross)

Saurus Seeks a Thinker Tormented by his gift, Saurus sets out to determine if his touch is a gift or a curse. Instead of finding someone to talk, he comes across a doomsayer in the town square, speaking of the end of times. He emphasizes his point by waving his staff at Saurus who, of course, has to use his touch on it. He gets a vision of blood, fire, and death, as the dead reach out to him for help. They are chained at the ankle, and as they appeal for Saurus’s assistance they get pulled by the chain back into the darkness. Again, Saurus runs screaming. He is now convinced his touch is a curse that he must rid himself of.

Joe Takes Advantage of the City Knowing that a food shortage is coming, Joe attempts to buy a large enough amount of food to sell it for record profits when the city runs out. Being taxed and having 1 cash die, he fails to haggle to a price he could pay.

Mason attempts to bargain for the Rivers Trying to ensure that the newly recognized river guild will have a place in the city despite the change in leadership, Mason goes to visit Marco. He finds him at the docks, shouting orders to determine who exactly burned their ship down. Mason attempts to start a conversation about the shippers coming to terms with the rivers, and essentially Marco’s need for the river’s offerings. Marco instead confirms Mason and the River’s fear that Marco finds them replaceable and that Marco intends to establish a monopoly in the city. Mason compliments Marco on his ship, and Marco attempts, and fails, to grab him as Mason turns to leave.

Mason Likes to Kill Attempting to make a point, Mason calls together his River guild cutthroats and mercenaries. They wait until night fall and wholesale slaughter Marco’s makeshift army, leaving their cooling bodies piled around the fountain in the city square.

Finch does work for his woman Finch seeks out Mason, and tells him a little of Iosef’s proposition. Mason agrees, and the meeting is set. Mason isn’t happy with just temporary immunity as it basically says “We won’t arrest you for working for us” and does nothing for the Rivers long term. He DoW’s Iosef for better terms, and gets the Inquirer to agree to drug legalization once the City Guard is restored.

Finch tries to wrestle River power Finch and Joe arrange a meeting with 3 leaders from the Snake and Cross. When they meet in an abandoned warehouse, they play off the rumors of Mason’s weakness to persuade his followers to leave him and follow their made-up, unseen leader, “The Upright Man”. One of the people Mason contested for head of the Snake & Cross, Jacob, defended Mason as the “Murderer we know, opposed to the murderer we don’t” and said they’d stay with current leadership. As they go to leave, Jacob informs Finch that Mason will be told about his attempt. To silence him, Finch stabs and kills Jacob. The other Snake and Cross members leave.

Saurus pursues Adriane Still convinced that the young death cult member needs to assume his “rightful seat as ruler of this city”, Saurus finally gets a chance to talk to Adriane Tremond alone. In an attempt to make him leave the cult and go after the monarchy of Syanthea through a DoW, Saurus inadvertently gets convinced by Adriane to join the death cult. In almost a Pascal’s wager situation, Saurus believes ‘If I join them, they won’t come for me first’.

Joe kinda gets his way…in a way Joe comes across the newly death-cult initiated Saurus. He renews his attempts to get Saurus to see the light of a demarchy form of government. Saurus goes off about how none of it matter, so you might as well allow dogs to run the city. He sarcastically brings up picking rulers by lottery (a demarchy) so Joe acts interested and nudges Saurus that direction, telling him it’s a brilliant idea.

Mason seeks a killer Looking to hand out fresh orders, Mason tries to track down his second in command, Jacob. Finding Jacob’s man and no Jacob, they head out to find him and come across his body instead. After a failed circles roll to find the killer, Mason finds Saurus. He explains to Saurus that he wants him to take the River’s seat on the masked council, but first he needs Saurus to touch the body. Saurus only gets 5 faces instead of names, two of which belong to Finch and Joe and the other three he confirms are River members. Saurus then leaves. Mason gathers his leaders and intimidates (using his last deeds point to do so) the information out of them, and gets Finch’s name as the killer. Mason sets his men out to destroy Marco’s army.

Session 7
Power Move

Date of Game: 10/17/09 PC’s Present: Mason Joe Finch

A couple days after the new-moon

Mason goes to visit the Black Thorn guild Trying to further unite the river guilds, Mason seeks out the leader of the Black Thorn guild, the guild responsible for most of the drug trade in Syanthea. Unfortunately, the leader happens to have once had a brother…that Mason killed. A DoW ensues as Mason tries to convince the leader to leave the past behind and join the Snake & Cross and the leader of the BT Guild wanting Mason to grovel and beg forgiveness for killing the brother. Mason miraculously emerges unscathed from the DoW and gains the Black Thorn as the newest Snake and Cross division, paying 10% up to Mason in the meantime.

Finch finds Joe Finch asks Joe to spread a rumor for him. Finch wants the word out that, although the other guilds may have been infiltrated by leaks, the Snake and Cross remains untainted. Joe managed to get the word out that the Snake and Cross is secure. He also tries to pass around the rumor that, as the judges are debating declaring martial law, they will begin to seize personal and guild assets. He is attempting to set up a grift through this lie, but fails at his objective. Instead of looking to hide their assets, guild members begin to hire more guards to protect their stuff.

Joe and Finch seek out Doc Chuck Further uniting the river guilds under one name, Joe and Finch seek out the leader of the whoremonger guild, Doc Chuck. They attempt to convince him to join the Snake & Cross, and succeed by telling him that they’ve bribed a judge. The whoremonger guild is now incorporated into the Snake & Cross.

Mason kills some more After sneaking into Singh’s tenement building without being seen, Mason quietly battles Singh’s zombie body guard, eventually beheading him. Mason then kills Singh as he sleeps, dismembers him and dumps him piece by piece in the river, leaving no evidence of Singh’s murder.

Joe looks to cheat some more people Joe uses his sources to seek out a house with owners that have been vacationing for a while. He then decides to rent the empty house out to someone else.

Mason Visits Gloria Mason takes time to stop by Gloria’s office and give her an update on Snake and Cross business. He tells her about the consolidation of the river guilds, Singh’s disappearance and the deathcult. She doesn’t believe Mason when it comes to the cult, but he persists until she agrees that, if he’s right, she’ll give him her resources to take down the cult.

Finch visits Jessa Finch goes to see his fiance and finds Iosef in her office. He’s telling Jessa that their orders are to work on quelling the unrest, and to drop the Singh trail. Prosecuting Singh was going to be Jessa’s breakthrough case, so she’s very reluctant to do so. Iosef tells Finch to piss it, so Finch drops a hint that he knows who’s behind the insurrection and leaves. Iosef chases him down and demands to know what Finch knows. Finch doesn’t give Iosef a name, but tells him that “Singh’s Assistant” is to blame, basically pinning the riots on Mason. Iosef then unsuccessfully tries to track down someone close to Mason and fails. Mason also fails at detecting Iosef’s search for someone near him. He does, however, catch wind that someone in the cartwright’s guild is looking for him, something about fires.

Joe tries to steal some more Joe also fails at detecting Iosef’s search for Mason. Instead, he focuses upon stealing from another Cartwright with more gold then sense. He finds one, and they set up a meeting in the Cartwright’s tavern. Unfortunately, the new mark is sitting with one of Joe’s old marks when Finch and Joe arrive at the guarded tavern.

Mason makes a move in the Snake & Cross Mason calls a meeting between him and the three other contenders for Singh’s vacant position as master of the River Guild, Jacob, Fredrich and Charlie. Charlie mouths off, and eventually Mason gets a one-punch knock out on Charlie. Jacob and Fred concede the seat to Mason despite their concerns that Mason himself killed Singh (Mason doesn’t claim nor deny this). Mason orders his new underlings to start pushing the opiates and at lower prices, then divides Charlie’s claims between Jacob and Fred.

Mason makes a move…on Gloria Mason, armed with the new position of Master of the River Guild, goes to attempt to seduce Gloria. He succeeds in sleeping with her but (due to a failed beginner’s luck seduction attempt) they are interrupted in the middle of their fun by the Head of the Shipper’s Guild, Marco. Marco is the closest thing to royalty in Syanthea, but that doesn’t stop an ignorant Mason from brandishing a knife and his…bits at Marco. Gloria’s in deep shit with her boss, and Mason blames the seduction on her and then leaves.

Unrest in the Streets On his way home, Mason sees groups of city guards being slaughtered by guild guards. The guilds have finally decided to push back again the oppressive guard forces.

Session 6
Deathcults, Riots, and love, oh my!

Game day: 10/03/09

Characters Present: Vash Mason Joe Saurus Finch

Joe checks with people in the know. Joe, using his rumor-wise, tries to discover that Mason agreed to rat on Singh’s activities to Iosef and the City Guard. He fails, and discovers nothing.

5:13 PM Shaun has to pee.

Bleedin’ Ian After being brutally mangled by Mason, Ian seeks medical attention. Both the doctor and Ian are successful, and Ian will make a full recovery. In about 6 months.

Saurus seeks the knowledge of the book He seeks an old friend who would know the language of the book and would be able to teach Saurus. Unfortunately, the acquaintance Saurus seeks has seen the way of the Law and the truth of the judges. He has assumed more law-abiding employment. Saurus treks outside of town to meet the friend’s entourage on their way back to Syanthea. He attempts to hail the group and halt them, but fails to do so. Saurus then treks back into town. In the rain.

Joe works on his grifts Joe has been feeding tips to a gambler on which way to bet in the dog fights, and has had a run of hits. Now that he’s gained the gambler’s confidence, he offers him a golden tip at the cost of 1 cash die. He is successful, and the gambler pays for the information.

Singh sets Mason to task Singh tells Mason that he needs Mason to convince the head of the mortician’s guild, Dempe, to cooperate with Singh. He won’t tell Mason what ‘cooperating’ entails, but promises reward upon success. Mason asks Vash to introduce him and Dempe. Vash agrees to do so, but for a price. In exchange for backing to be head of the Morticians guild, Vash sells Mason Dempe’s name as the leak within the Snake and Cross.

Finch buys a ring Finch, apparently suffering from a major case of blue balls, decides to buy Jessa a ring in the hopes that once they are engaged, she’ll sleep with him. He purchases the ring, and gets a new suit for the proposal. At the fancy dinner he promised her, he asks for her hand in marriage and she says yes. Armed with their engagement, Finch again tries to seduce Jessa. She refuses, saying that although she wants to, it’s forbidden by law.

Mason and Vash go to Dempe Mason brings up Singh’s needed cooperation and Dempe instantly refuses. He also refuses to go see Singh with Mason and insists on attending to the body he’s working on. Vash and Mason, conspiring outside, decide that they cannot leave without Dempe. Mason sneaks back in and chokes Dempe unconscious, wraps him in the sheet that was around the dead body. They put him in Vash’s cart and proceed to take him to Singh.

Saurus seeks an audience with Adrianne Tremond. Saurus finds Aegis of the deathcult at his house. Aegis invites Saurus in, and Saurus asks to be put in contact with Tremond. Aegis tells Saurus how difficult arranging the meeting would be as it would require the Cult Master’s permission for Tremond to speak with Saurus. However, if Saurus would attend the cult’s next new moon meeting, he could get an audience with Tremond. Saurus fails to convince Aegis to set up the meeting without the master’s permission, and Aegis sets up the meeting-for the cult’s next meeting, a fact that Saurus is blissfully aware of.

The guilds need to fall. Saurus finds some leftovers at an outside table of a restaurant, sits down and begins nomming. This is where Joe finds him. They discuss the judge system, and how best to bring it to ruin. They talk like they are on the same page, but their ideal governments for reinstatement are completely different. They settle on rioting to bring the judges reign to an end, and set out to find an insurrectionist to lead the mob to riot. They find Russel Ingnatz, a working man tired of being oppressed by…the man. He successfully riles the commoners and they march on the High Justice’s court. The march is successful, with no serious injuries or deaths, and the arrest of a few rioters (including Russel).

Mason takes advantage Using the riot and the city guard’s preoccupation to his advantage, Mason sneaks into Iosef Hildebrant’s office. He collects all of the parchments and documents in Iosef’s office and throws them out in the rain to be destroyed. He manages to sneak back out without being caught, successfully destroying all info on the Snake & Cross, along with his own agreement to give information to Iosef.

Finch visits his sister Finch looks to gain favor on the masked council. He wants her support to move on his plan to kill Singh, and her support of the river guilds as they unite and go for a seat on the masked council. In exchange for her support, he offers her an exclusive deal between the merchant guild and the Snake and Cross. She agrees to support him.

Vash: Taking care of business. After giving Dempe to Singh as the leak, Singh informs Mason and Vash that he needs Dempe alive until the next new moon. Vash takes Dempe to a crypt in the cemetery and goes to see Gloria. Vash offer to trade the leak’s name for the shipping guild’s support in his rise to power (in the mortician’s guild). She agrees, and he gives her the handkerchief of hers that he’d lifted from Adder’s body as a sign of good will. He also feeds her Dempe’s name as the leak.

Joe, joe, joe… Joe attempts to bribe the city guards to let Russel out of jail, and does so successfully.

Mason and Saurus push kids around Mason and Saurus go to assimilate the kids who have organized as “The Order of the 7 Bells”, a band of pickpockets. Their leader, Chazwick, is hesitant to join as he’s afraid of how much he’d have to pay upwards in the Snake & Cross. They haggle, Saurus doing so by throwing Chazwick’s “guards” into the river. A successful intimidation by Mason gets Chazwick to agree to paying 10% up to the Snake and Cross. Saurus fishes the kids he threw in the river back out.

Gloria speaks to the masked council Gloria makes a case for the River guilds to officially be recognized and grant them a seat on the masked council. She fails her persuasion roll. As a result, the rivers still gain their seat on the council but someone hates her now as a result. She gets a unanimous vote to support the killing of Singh. She also nominates Vash to become the new head of the Morticians guild.

Singh prepares to reward Mason Singh tells Mason that he’ll induct him “to the mysteries” as a reward for…essentially, being a good bitch thug, and tells Mason that he’ll go far if he plays his cards right. Mason goes to fetch Dempe for this new-moon meeting.

Finch visits the Bruisers Finch seeks out another river guild, the Bruisers. He attempts to convince them to join the rest of the rivers under the Snake and Cross, and succeeds.

Saurus goes to a meeting Saurus goes to meet Tremond, but he is accompanied by Fharod. Aegis leads him away and into the mass. Singh, Vash, Mason and Dempe all arrive at the meeting.

Singh rewards Mason Singh attempts to induct Mason into the death cult. Mason hesitates at pledging his allegiance to Singh and the deathcult. They decide that proof of their powers are necessary, and kill Dempe. Fharod then reanimates Dempe’s corpse, causing Mason, Vash and Saurus to fail steel checks. Vash and Mason stand and drool while Saurus runs screaming into the woods. Saurus then tries to find his way back to town, only succeeding in getting himself more lost then before.

Joe causes trouble Joe, with Russel now out of jail, incites another riot. He also hires Snake and Cross members to stab city guards during the riot.

Mason “joins” the deathcult Mason agrees to join the brotherhood and eats the 4-yr-old’s heart. Vash joins a lot more earnestly then Mason and eats the 7-yr-old’s heart. Fharod then riles the crowd with talk of taking over the city.

Joe convinces rioters to stab guards. Joe attempts to convince Russel to get the rioters to stab the city guard as they riot. He DoW’s with Russel and wins but with major concessions. The concession is that the city guards are slaughtered, but afterward Russel looses his taste for revolution.

Mason attempts to kill Singh Mason walks Singh home alone after the meeting and uses the opportunity to try to kill Singh out of distaste for the deathcult. He manages to spot Vash before he even draws his knife and aborts the murder. Mason tries to get Vash to leave, but abandons his hopes of murdering Singh when Vash refuses.

Session 5
Plots are afoot

PC’s Present: Mason Saurus Finch

Mason has no use for jail Mason tells a guard after a couple of days that he’ll rat to get out of jail and asks to speak to Iosef. The guard’s an easy sell, but because of a failed falsehood roll, another imprisoned member of the Snake and Cross overhears Mason’s offer and takes it as truth.

Finch visits Gloria over Adder Saurus is already with Gloria, organizing her books by color. Finch informs her that Adder is dead, and that he dealt the blow. This is confirmed by Saurus. They proceed to discuss who should fill the position within the Snake & Cross left by Adder. Saurus nominates Finch and Mason, and they settle on Mason as he’d be easy to control and most likely to work with Gloria. Gloria writes a letter to Mason to convince him (6 on an ob5) to work for her, promising him the position with her Adder use to hold, and a…little more. Saurus informs her Mason is in jail and he will deliver the letter straight away.

Mason has a chat with Iosef Mason attempts to cut a deal with Iosef to get out of jail. Iosef is a hard sale, but eventually Mason convinces him that no other informant or spy could deliver Singh to the City Guard quite as quickly or efficiently as Mason could. Iosef agrees, but forces Mason to make his mark on an agreement, threatening that if Mason does not comply with the guard, it will get out and around that he’s a rat.

Finch finds the leak taking a leak Finch, through a successful circles roll, manages to just straight-up find the leak. They discuss how they’d both like to keep him alive, and Finch gives him an address to meet at tonight.

Singh looks for the leak Singh tries to utilize his rumor-wise to discover the leak and fails.

Saurus ‘reads’ the book Using his Touch of Ages, Saurus “reads” the book on the Tremonds. He discerns that it was written towards the end of the ruling days of the Tremonds. He seeks out another intellectual to read him the actual text of the books, and the reader decribes the talk of death art contained within. The reader would like a copy of the text, but Saurus refuses.

Mason visits Singh Mason tracks Singh to a bar with a blind mute bartender and a guy passed out on the bar. Mason tells him of the deal struck with Iosef, and how it could be used to take out Iosef and all their information on the Snake & Cross. For now, they agree to feed the guards false information. Singh, meanwhile, tasks Mason with the murder of a carpenter’s wife and children as the carpenter was causing problems and also to send a strong message. He instructs that it is to be messy, and wants Mason to bring the victim’s hearts and livers as proof. Singh then leaves, and the guy passed out gets up and follows. It smells less like dead things now though.

Finch and Saurus meet the leak Finch takes Saurus with him to meet the leak. The three of them discuss how the guilds are ruining the system, despite their different opinions on what the best solution would be. The leak, working for the City Guard, believes that law is the only way, and the river guilds flaunt everything that is bad. Finch and Saurus are of the opinion that the leak should not discuss issues with the people he reports to for a while, for his own safety, and just let them deliver Singh. They would then unite the river guilds and take them all down at once. The leak, as it is his job and the lawful way to keep reporting wants to do just that and still have Finch and Saurus bring in Singh. Finch, through a DoW, convinces the leak to try it their way for a while. Mason shows up as the leak is leaving, and has Saurus advise him as to where the liver is and how to identify it.

Mason finds a carpenter Not knowing where the carpenter that angered Singh lives, Mason finds a shop open late and nabs an apprentice. He intimidates him into telling where Adam the carpenter lives, then promises to kill the kid’s family if he speaks a word of the encounter to anyone. Discovering Adam still inside his home, he decides to wait until he leaves for work. Meanwhile, he decides to visit Gloria.

Finch and Saurus go back to Glori(a) The two inform her that they have located the leak. They assure her they’ve temporarily quieted him, and discuss removing Singh with her. She is hesitant to make such a leap by herself, and tells the two that she’ll take it to the council and get their decision on the matter.

Mason crashes the party Mason arrives at Glorias and finds Saurus and Finch still present. He presses Gloria to discuss their relationship and she discusses the business aspect of it all. When he confronts her in private, she maintained that Adder and herself maintained a purely business arrangement. To get out of the situation, she lies to Mason that there may be a possibility of more later and keeps him on the hook and working for her.

Finch visits his sister After sneaking into her personal chambers, he brings up the drama with Singh. He speaks to her of removing Singh from office by letting the Guard take him. Finch then proposes that he would step into Singh’s position and unite all of the river guilds. He informs her that her support from the Merchant’s Guild of the River Guilds would be needed, and she tells him one thing at a time, encouraging him to pursue Singh’s take-down.

Mason is a bad person Mason sits a vigil outside the carpenter’s house until the carpenter leaves for work. He dispatches of the cook and maid, then locks the house to kill the rest of the family. Mason chokes out the wife downstairs, then lures the 4-year old son of the carpenter close by feigning interest in the toy duck on a string his dad had carved for him. When the boy is close enough, Mason quickly slits his throat. He finds the 7-year old daughter in the play room, and takes advantage of her shock to kill her. He positions the wife to appear violated, and steals her heart and liver. He takes the organs of the children as well, leaving the rest of their innards about the rooms. He then takes clean clothes, washes up, and leaves.

Saurus looks for a young Tremond He happens to find out that the son of High Justice Tremond is, unfortunately, the right-hand man to the leader of the death cult. Saurus shows Ageis the book. Ageis wants to introduce Saurus to the leader who’s seen the stone that Saurus touched, but Saurus leaves instead.

Finch goes to see his girl Jessa She is initially upset with Finch for only coming around when he wants information, so he agrees to take her out to dinner that night. She informs him about the only capture in the Adder’s death fiasco was released after agreeing to work as a rat for the cops. Finch tells Jessa that Singh might be coming through the legal system soon, and that if she can prosecute him, the case would make her career. She puts in the paperwork to get transferred to prosecution and out of defense. Finch then tries to convince her to have sex with him in the closet they’re in, and she crushes that with a “not before we’re married”.

Mason reports to Singh, then spills blood Mason hands over the organs, then has Singh explain the power of fear when you kill the family instead of the wrong-doer. They discuss bringing the river guilds in the Snake and Cross, and Singh tells Mason it’s Mason’s job, then leaves with the organs. Mason goes back to visit Gloria and encounters Ian first. They exchange verbal blows, then real blows. Ian gets a slight hit with his mace in, then Mason all but removes Ian’s arm with a good blow, leave him potentially fatally wounded. Mason informs the house staff that Ian needs a doctor, then leaves.

Session 4-The Fall of Adder

PC’s Present: Finch Mason Joe Saurus Vash

Finch wakes up in a tomb with Adder Upon awaking, Finch blames Adder for the attack by Mason, implying that Adder had sent Mason intentionally. As payback, he demands more money of Adder to retain Finch’s services. Instead of agreeing to pay more, Adder says he’ll take it up with Mason and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Mason is still on a boat Through creative interrogation techniques (read-breaking dude’s arms), Mason discovers that Danek Singh had set the attackers on Adder. After killing the second guy on the boat, Mason leaves both bodies for Vash on his boat and goes to find Adder in the safe house he had instructed Vash to go to.

Vash and Joe go to see Gloria As per Adder’s instructions, Vash and Joe go to Gloria Cosmet’s manor looking to gain an audience. Vash, being ever the diplomat, fails to gain entrance to the house. As Joe sneaks around back carrying a “package” Vash attempts to create a distraction. Both fail, and the staff backs them out of the house while the guards are on their way.

Saurus is on a…bridge Saurus takes a minute to contemplate the issues of Monarchies versus the current guild system. He arrives at the conclusion that life was, and would be again, better under the rule of the Tremond Monarchy. Saurus decided the monarchy should rule again and decided to make it happen.

Finch goes to find the apprentice Not finding the apprentice at work, Finch dresses up as an apprentice himself and goes to seek the apprentice at home. Upon arriving, someone peeks out from the curtains but refuses to open the door. Finch attempts beating the door down to the dismay of one very large neighbor who’s not use to being told no. They escape conflict, but both promise more to each other. Conflict, that is.

Mason goes to the (un)Safe house Suspecting nothing wrong on the outside, Mason proceed inside the house he sent Adder to. He’s met by two armed men who very much don’t want to see Mason. Stepping out of the story for a sec-In Burning Wheel, it’s very hard usually to kill characters. Shaun has somehow managed to kill Kristin’s character in both of the BW games by lucky flukes when rolling dice. Only being the fourth session of the game and not having anything going worth dying for, Kristin enacted what we’ll call the “Oh Shit” rule to save Mason for later sessions. Essentially, Kristin spent 1 pt persona to not have Mason die, and in exchange came up with a way to proper fuck Mason. We agreed to have Mason be captured by Danek Singh’s men, a fitting punishment for the PC gunning to kill Singh.

Vash & Joe step in deep shit Vash and Joe have been backed out of the house and the gate’s been closed, blocking their escape. The city guard comes for them as Gloria and Saurus come down the steps of the house together. Saurus lets the two try to explain themselves for a bit. Joe is trying to cover for the two of them, when Vash blurts out Adder’s name. The guards are them more interested, and Saurus continues to let them squirm. Eventually, Joe convinces everyone it was just a big misunderstanding and gets the guards to leave. After delivering Adder’s message to Gloria, the four of them decide that Adder’s usefulness has come to an end and his removal is necessary. Finch is chosen as the right man to commit the deed and take over for Adder.

Joe Fails. On the way to find Finch, Joe attempts to start the rumor that Saurus and Gloria are an item, and fails miserably.

Finch reunites with his sister Finch, still seeking information about the leak, goes to see his sister. Finch has been believed dead for ten years, and his sister had known about the attempt that supposedly ended his life…before it happened. To get information on the leak he threatens her with extortion (opening the skill)but doesn’t make the roll. In return, she assures Finch that if he sells her out, she’ll tell all of his debtors that he’s alive. She tells him that all she knows is that the City Guard has been working to infiltrate the Snake and Cross. She also suggests that he attempt to seize the river guilds to build a monopoly with her guild, the merchant guild.

At least we agree on something Joe, Vash and Saurus find Finch as he’s climbing back over the wall of his sister’s house. They speak about Gloria’s proposition, and he agrees to it.

Mason’s Fucked Mason wakes up in a deep cistern as the metal grate gets drug across the top. Looking up reveals Singh leaning over the edge. They discuss the issue with Adder and his grab for power against Singh. Singh and Mason both agree that Singh is in a much better position to advance Mason then Adder is. They agree that, should Mason see to Adder’s end, there’d be a position opening that Mason would fill very well. They shake in blood, and Mason goes to find Adder.

Saurus Finds a Lore keeper Saurus goes looking for information on the rock that gave him his power. He finds a lore keeper but (due to a failed circles roll) it’s someone he’s had a major disagreement with in the past. The disagreement about a past battle between two opposing sides instantly reignites, and the go into a DoW, with Randy’s desired result is getting information on how he got his power. Saurus does come out on top, although is forced to admit that the losing side did have one of the best generals this world’s ever seen. The lore keeper tells Saurus of the mythical rock that scarred Saurus’s arm and granted him the Touch of Ages.

Vash sells out Adder Vash seeks out the head of the city guard unit that confronted him at Gloria’s home. For a fee (the resource check of which the lieutenant fails and dips into the station’s operating fund) Vash sells the information that Adder is being hidden at the vault on the cemetery island. The guard sets out to capture Adder.

Finch visits Gloria During the visit, Gloria agrees to pay Finch what Adder promised him if Finch will kill Adder.

The Fall of Adder Mason makes it to Adder in advance of the City Guard and of Finch. Mason asks Adder to prove that, if he is allowed to live, he has the resources and power to take over in place of Singh. Adder, unable to prove this, panics and runs. Mason gets a crossbow shot off and into Adder’s back. Finch finishes Adder with a knife to his face. Mason proceeds to cut Adder’s head off as proof to Singh that the deed is done, but can’t finish before being spotted by the converging city guard. Finch, however, successfully slips the guards. Joe, who had been watching the happenings, disguises as a cemetery worker and gets off the island. Vash, who can’t pass up a body, convinces the guard he’s a worker and goes through Adder’s pockets before Hildebrant takes the body. Mason tries to flee and gets taken down by two guards and arrested.

Is that…was that a cliffhanger? Before the credits are ran, be get a shot of a message runner leading a reluctant 4-year old girl by the hand to the courthouse. This is Sachuss’s daughter, and we get to hear the messenger assuring her “they are the only people that can help find who did that to your parents”

Session 3
  • Workshopped Beliefs

Vash is caught trying to plant an object on one of the Beggar King’s men. We left Vash in a rather precarious position after the first session. He had attempted to lift evidence off of the Beggar King’s man Guy, but was caught red-handed. We began here to bring Vash up to date with the characters. Vash elected to answer the allegations and abuse from Guy with steel. In a bloody-versus match in which Vash beginner’s lucked Knife, he managed to damn near remove Guy’s hand and gain a permanent enemy. Using the stolen object, Vash proves Guy’s disloyalty to the King to gain the Beggar King’s favor. The King responds by brutalizing Guy with a fork and casting him out of the Wyrms and agreeing to work with Vash.

Mason grills an apprentice cartwright for information. He’s sent to the wrong place. When we left Mason, he had just finished brutally beating then choking unconscious Alex, trying to get information on who exactly Alex had told about Sacchus. A decent circles role leads Mason to the apprentice who does not want to surrender information on Sacchus’s family to him. A failed beginner’s luck Torture test gets Mason the wrong address. After “dispatching” with the apprentice and sending Vash for the body, he proceeds to the address. The inhabitants point Mason towards the right side of town, but can do no better.

Saurus has a conversation with Gloria. Saurus, after swearing to Mason to keep the Sacchus situation silent, proceeds straight to Gloria to tell her what he knows. She was unaware of Sacchus’s…”passing”...but is relieved to hear of it. She enlists Saurus’s help, and draws a map to Sacchus’s house for Saurus.

Joe sells Sacchus’ name to an S&C accountant, then wanders off to a gambling hall. Steals a ledger from a bookie. Joe, putting together the fact that Sacchus’s name is a hot item and also that a leak is being sought, decides to sell Sacchus’s name as the leak to a Snake and Cross accountant. It took some hardcore finagling, but eventually he got the accountant to agree to pay for the name.

Vash finds Finch’s body, and takes Sacchus to the Necropolis to be burned. Vash comes across Alex Finch’s unconscious body being poked by a couple of City Guards. The guards ware itching to find out who beat him as it’s a crime in Syanthea. Vash manages to lie about where Finch lives and convinces the guards to let him take his “Master”, Finch, home to recover. Vash adds Finch to the body pile in his cart. He runs into Mason who directs him to the apprentice’s body and convinces Mason to, if Vash can find the leak, murder the leak and let Vash raid the body. He then collects the apprentice left by Mason, and goes to the Necropolis. He arranged to have all the bodies but Finch’s burnt, then gets tipped off to an anomaly in the ledger-One of Dempe’s men took an order with no information-a grave to be withheld, already paid for, with no more information. No purchase name, no name for to future interred. When Vash investigates the employee, he reluctantly gives her the purchaser’s name, Danik Singh. Unbeknown to Vash, Singh is the head of the Snake and Cross, making him Mason and Adder’s boss.

Mason & Saurus Find the mutilated corpse of Sacchus’ wife and one of his children. Went to talk to Adder about it. Mason runs into Saurus heading to Saccus’s house. Saurus doesn’t reveal to Mason where he’s heading, and Mason fails horribly at following inconspicuously. Sarus and Mason find a locked door at Sacchus’s house, and Mason manages to kick it open before being caught by the guards. Inside, the two find a murdered Mrs Sacchus and little Sacchus. One child appears to be missing, and the letter bearing news of the murdered Sacchus has been opened. The bodies have been sitting for at least a couple of days and someone has written a message in blood on the wall, “Death to Traitors!”. Saurus uses his guts-wise to determine that the heart and liver of Mrs Sacchus are missing entirely. They burn the house to the ground and go to speak to Adder.

Joe moves forward with his grifts. Joe counterfeits a police report of Sacchus giving information on the Snake and Cross to the officials and tries to sell it to a Snake and Cross member, who recognizes it as a fake. Playing along, he lets Joe hang on to the report with the promise to send him to someone who’d be interested in the info. He sends Joe to Adder, and notifies Adder ahead of time that the report is a fake.

Meeting with Adder Mason and Saurus are the first to show. They discuss the fact that word on Sacchus has gotten out and around. Joe arrives with his false police report, the near perfection of impresses Adder who think there might be a use for Joe. Adder begins to think that Sacchus could be made to look like a rat instead of a Martyr given the turn of events. Vash arrives looking to talk to Mason, but Adder refuses to grant them privacy for the conversation. Vash’s question then, instead of info on Danik Singh, gets edited to “How do you make Blueberry Muffins?”. Saurus, being the wise one, replies “With Care”. No, this is not code for anything. About that time, Saurus smells fire as people begin attempting to burn the meeting place down and block the door to prevent escape. Saurus and Joe sneak out the back door into the alley. Saurus manages to flee the attackers while Joe perfects the art of ‘Not Being Seen’. Out front, Mason kicks down the door before it can be barricaded and the arsonists flee. He sends Vash to a safe house with Adder in the body cart with the still unconscious Alex and proceeds to pursue one of the attackers. He fails at catching up before the attacker makes it to a busy road, then settles for tailing him. When Vash arrives at the safe house Mason directed him to, he’s met with armed men. Being just the bumbling old body collector, he ambles off to the cemetery to hide Adder. Joe is accompanying Vash and the hidden Alex and Adder.

Saurus finds a new trail to follow Saurus winds up in the market and is attracted to a certain piece of jewelry. His Touch of Ages skill allows him to discover that the necklace is about 300 years old and was given as a coming-of age present to royalty, gleaning the name “Tremond” from the piece. The merchant informs Saurus that the lineage is still around, then packs up shop before the guards catch him.

Mason’s On a Boat Mason follows the attacker to a rowboat and friend waiting to whisk him away. Mason misses a crossbow shot at the rower, and winds up having to swim after the boat. The rower makes a mistake when trying to hit Mason with a paddle, and as a result gets a chest full of stab. Once Mason gets in the boat, a failed intimidation attempts leads to a Fight! in a boat. Mason beats the attacker until he swoons, then paddles off to wait for him to awake to get some questions answered.

Vash hides Adder and Alex Vash takes Adder and Alex to the tomb Danik Singh had pre-purchased. Inside, they find a shriveled heart and liver, which Vash pockets before convincing Adder to stay in the tomb. Adder sends Vash and Joe to get Gloria’s help, leaving Adder and Alex alone in the tomb.

Coming Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Mason has one dead body and one bleeding, unconscious body whom he plans to question.

Saurus has the scent of the Tremend house, after an encounter with a necklace.

Vash and Joe are on their way to Gloria, to enlist her help in safely hiding Adder.

Alex is unconscious and will awaken next session locked in a tomb with Adder.

See you all next week!

Session 2

Notes for this session coming soon!

Session 1
In which a body is discovered

A body washes up on the banks of the River Rhuan at dawn. It is a man, well dressed, with a dagger still embedded in his chest. Vash Cruiser discovers it and loots the body, only to be interrupted by another river scavenger, who demands that he be allowed a look over the body.

Meanwhile, Thomas Adder’s bodyguard, Mason, accompanies his master to a meeting, where he stations himself outside. Before too long, Adder tosses a corpse out of the building, ordering Mason to dispose of the body in the river, and to make sure that the body can’t be identified. Mason goes on to follow his master’s orders, and Adder leaves to meet up with someone he can hire to find answers.

The man he can hire is Alex Finch, a spy for hire. They come to an agreement, but the amount is more than Adder can pay. He promises the money anyway, planning to seek a loan from a contact. Finch leaves so that he can begin his investigation.

Back at the riverbank, Mason comes upon Vash arguing with the other riverman. Vash convinces the interloper that there are more lucrative spots to scavenge. The fact that Mason has a crossbow pointed at him doesn’t hurt. Mason also takes a moment to look over the body, and recognizes the victim as a member of the Cartwright’s Guild. Before they can investigate any further, the sounds of boots and jangling armor are heard in the streets just yards away. Vash and Mason hide the body in Vash’s cart and attempt to look inconspicuous.

Thomas Adder, meanwhile, scours the Low Banks for sign of the Worms – a River Guild of beggars and junkmongers. It doesn’t take him long to discover their territory.

Alex tries to make contact with a rumor-monger in a local pub, but unfortunately fails. He decides to go and seek out information from some of the urchin pickpockets that roam the streets. Vash and Mason, meanwhile, are questioned by the local city guard, led by Inquirer First-Class Iosef Hildebrand, who happens to be looking for information regarding a missing member of the Cartwright’s Guild. There is some posturing between Iosef and Mason, but the guard leaves forthwith, issuing a warning to Mason that they’d be watching him.

Adder secures an audience with the Beggar King, from whom he manages to procure a loan.

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